Year 6 History

29th February 2024

This term, as part of their learning relating to the very significant, historical date of 1066, the children in Year 6 have been recreating 2 very important battles.

They began by discussing the effect the crowning of the Anglo-Saxon Nobleman, Harold Godwinson, had on the other contenders for the Crown of England and the reliability of the historical sources which detail this period in history.

The children then re-enacted both key battles:

  • The Battle of Stamford Bridge
  • The Battle of Hastings

Pupils then spent time writing an information text to show their learning.

The real battles were fierce, with many killed on both sides but thankfully in our Linchfield recreation, no-one was injured, and we were all friends at the end! Phew!

As our learning continues, the pupils will learn how things changed in England as a result of this change of King and how some of those changes are still evident today.