Reading Records

29th September 2022

Linchfield Community Primary School were delighted to welcome Linda and Kay from the Deepings Community Library to celebrate a record summer of reading with a whole school assembly. 

No less than 40 children completed the Lincolnshire Summer Reading Challenge, a rise of 5 from 2021, as the pupils enjoyed at least 6 books each from the local library across the summer holidays. Every time a child from the school completed a book, they added a dot to the Gadgeteers robot (pictured) to showcase a love for reading at the school. 

Presenting individuals with a Reading Challenge medal from the ‘Tree of Knowledge’, our visitors explained how Deeping was the best performing area in the whole of Lincolnshire with 317 children completing the challenge! 

The aim for next summer is to have at least 50 children from Linchfield take on the task of reading at least one book per week during the summer holidays. 

‘There is always an adventure in every book.'