Curriculum Overview

Linchfield Academy offers an exciting and ambitious curriculum for all pupils, which is delivered through a broad range of engaging, memorable, first hand learning experiences. We passionately believe that all children should be provided with a holistic learning experience whilst at primary school to enable them to be successful in all aspects of their lives. We want our children to have real-life learning experiences which will allow them to know more and remember more!

Linchfield Academy has developed a set of ‘School Values’ which guide the children within our school to be the best they can be. These values are interwoven into all areas of the curriculum across the school. 

The school’s curriculum framework has been devised to ensure that knowledge and key skills in all subjects are taught in a coherent, well-planned and progressive manner. This is often through over-arching topics which makes learning meaningful for the children. Our curriculum is designed to promote long-term memory. Opportunities are provided to return to content and concepts, over time, in order to gain a growing developmental understanding.

The school’s commitment to first-hand real-life experiences benefits every child’s development. Age appropriately, all the children are directly involved in assessing risks. This heightens their awareness and understanding of risks in their daily lives across a range of environments. In this way, children are learning a crucial life skill that will promote safety and well-being today and through into adulthood.

We aim to develop children as individuals – physically, mentally, culturally and spiritually but above all as lifelong learners, able to make a positive contribution to the local and wider community, today and in the future.

We follow the early years framework in EYFS and the national curriculum in KS1 and KS2.

Our school curriculum is designed to be active, hands-on and memorable. The focus is on learning in a way that is enjoyable and driven by the interests of the pupils.

The school is committed to being fully inclusive and provision is made to ensure that disadvantaged pupils and pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities are able to access the curriculum in full.

Children who attend our school, will be reflective, resourceful, responsible, global citizens who will be respectful of themselves, others, and the environment. They will be good at collaborating; working together for success and will embrace and celebrate diversity.