School Uniform at Linchfield
- Sensible shoes - black or brown (fashion shoes, open-toe sandals, high heels, ‘jelly’ shoes and mules etc are not allowed)
- Black or grey skirt, trousers or shorts, grey pinafore dress, green gingham dress (summer)
- Green, black, white or grey socks or tights
- White polo shirt with or without the school logo
- Bottle green sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
PE Kit
- White T-shirt (with or without school logo)
- Shorts
- Hoodies (optional)
- Trainers (not plimsolls or fashion shoes) for outdoor use. Bare feet inside
- Children may wear tracksuits or similar when it is cold during outside lessons
- Trunks or one piece costumes for swimming (the leisure centre do not allow Bermuda style trunks)
- All earrings must be removed during PE and swimming lessons (Lincolnshire directive)
Further information
- Long hair must always be tied back with a simple band or clip (this helps to reduce the spread of head lice) One pair of stud earrings is allowed
- Make-up and nail varnish should not be worn
- Current uniform can be worn until it has worn out or is too small
- Easter is the best time to purchase trainers for PE because most of our outdoor lessons take place during the summer term (otherwise children tend to grow out of them before they have had much use!)
- Reversible fleeces and zip-up fleeces are outdoor wear then the weather does not warrant a proper coat
School Uniform with our logo can be purchased in person from Shotbowl or on-line from Your School Uniform  (search for ‘Linchfield’ on their home page).
We have quite a selection of lost school uniform with no name labels; please try to label all school uniform so that we can return it when it gets mislaid or forgotten.
Thank you for your support.