Curriculum Statement

At Linchfield Community Primary School we are passionate about preparing our children by equipping them with life-long, transferable skills for an undetermined future. We aim to take our children beyond expectation, offering an inclusive curriculum which provides a range of opportunities to participate and excel within and beyond the school day.

Our creative, cross-curricular and topic based curriculum allows us to encourage children to follow lines of enquiry that appeal to them. Through expert direction and teaching, we endeavour to enable them to experience inspirational learning opportunities which allow them to be challenged and stimulated at all levels and build skills for life.

The progress of every child is carefully and regularly monitored to ensure that teachers are aware of, and plan for, the needs of each individual child.

Our definition of The Curriculum is all the activities that we plan, organise and deliver in order to facilitate the development of our pupils, their learning, their personal growth and an understanding of British values. Whilst our curriculum includes the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, it also aims to provide a range of experiences to enhance and enrich learning and development of all.

We want our children to embrace our vision and values in order to create responsible and respectful citizens of the future.